How Do I Point My Domain to A VPS Server?

To point a domain name to a VPS IP, you have to log in to your domain registrar and edit the zone file. To achieve this, you’ll have to use the available nameserver on the registrar’s platform.

This action will change the DNS settings of your domain name and the server to which the domain name will point. It’s advisable that you only make this change when the site hosted on your server is ready. Other articles than can be interesting for you:  How to Change Your Brand New Domain without Losing Ranks

Here are the step by step examples:-

Step 1:

You need to have access to the administration panel of the platform of your domain name registrar. You can even confirm your domain name registrar through many services, for example, the service provider. Now, after logging into the registrar’s panel, you need to find the Nameserver section. In that section, you can create a subdomain and point it to an IP address. After everything is done properly, you need to confirm the change by clicking on the ‘‘Update, ’’ or ‘‘Save’’ button. Voila, you will have created a nameserver.

Step 2:

After creating the private nameserver, you thereafter need to update the nameserver that is used by the domain so as the domain can point to the VPS. Go to the Change Nameserver section and update the Nameserver, etc.

Go to the settings section of your domain and fill in the private nameserver details that were created previously, and then again click on the ‘‘Update’’ or ‘‘Save’’ button so as to save the changes.

Feel free to contact your domain registrar for any assistance or in the case of any errors. The changes may take 24 hours to take effect. However, your domain nameserver will have been be updated.

If you prefer not your VPS to serve as the DNS server, then you can simply point the domain via A record. Sometimes in such case, the changes must be done in the location of the nameserver where they are pointed at in the DNS zone. You can even check your current nameserver through different service providers. You just need to fill in the domain name and then click on ‘‘Report,’’ and you will see your nameserver listed.

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With this method, you’ll have to make the changes on every domain you point in. As clearly described, you will have to change the A records for your domain to point to your IP.