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What is a Subdomain and How a Subdomain Can Affect SEO

Read this article and discover everything you need to know about subdomains including what is a subdomain and how a subdomain can affect SEO!


If you are having enough website visitors but you are not satisfied with the profit you make – you need to convert the visitors and you will solve the problem. The good thing is that there are possible options you can use to convert the visitors, the bad thing is that the whole process is challenging, so you need to be patient and dedicate yourself completely.

We are going to present you top 5 easy conversion optimization principles that you can implement on your website and increase the conversion rate today:


Relevance is The Key – It is simply not enough to follow these few principles and expect your conversion rate to increase overnight. You need to really invest money, time, and energy and focus on maximizing your e-commerce conversion. Your conversion optimization efforts don’t stop here. This is, after all, an ongoing process with active improvement and testing, so make sure not to quit until you achieve the results you want.

Even though the whole process requires work, we can ensure you that it is going to worth it! Just follow these 5 principles and you will be able to increase your e-commerce conversion rates!

When checking a website online or searching through multiple websites, you’ve probably come across a subdomain but you didn’t notice it. There are many companies that use subdomains because of the great benefits they can provide. So, what exactly is a subdomain?

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How Subdomains Can Affect SEO



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